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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 11, 2014 1:35am-2:11am PST

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sajak? craig: give the wheel an old spin and see what happens. [laughter] me and pat. and a plant. want to come? geoff: yeah, i would love to. craig: ok. come on. let's go. geoff: all right. craig: come on then. geoff: could you give me a push? craig: no. [laughter] geoff: i hate you.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news tonight. a string of fires across the bay area. two within hours of each other tonight. flames ripped through this walnut creek home on hill top crescent. just an hour ago. one person was killed. when firefighters arrived. they found that person tripped upstairs but the flames got too big for the person to be rescued. we don't know how the fire started. and betty yu is in palo alto where firefighters made a discovery. >> reporter: two people were found dead inside a house. they were called to the 900 clock here in palo alto. the fire happened in the house
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behind me. you can see the front windows are shattered and the charred exterior of the house. neighbors called 911 after seeing smoke and huge flames tonight around 7:15 shoot out of this home. it is a single family home about 1200 square feet. firefighters say by the time they arrived, half of the house was engulfed in flames. they believe it started in the kitchen. the chief explains why it was hard to get out. >> we had a hard time getting in and where we needed to go. the home was apparently in fairly poor condition before the fire began. so the fire just enhanced that and made it worse. >> reporter: and palo alto police have not released the identities of the victims. i spoke to a woman on scene who says she rents the home and two men in their 60s live inside. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation. arson investigators have been called to the scene which police say is routine any time there is a residential fire. live in palo alto, i'm betty yu, kpix5. in san jose tonight, police are hunting for a firebug. this charred wall outside a house is the result of one of the fires this morning. firefighters say many of the fires could be the work of an arsonist. and police want to talk to the person seen in this surveillance tape creeping toward a house on south 28th street. a few minutes later, flames erupt. fortunately, very little damage was done. a couple of hours ago, we learned the plane that was carrying a san jose technology executive and several family members has been found. there are no survivors. 351-year-old dale smith was piloting that plane. also an board, his son daniel and his wife, and smith's daughter amber and her fiance. that plan disappeared in the idaho wilderness dis1.
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family was flying from oregon to montana. you can see from this video what searchers were up against. they located the flame two hours before the search was to be called off for the foreseeable future. the searchers pinpointed an area of interest on a satellite map. at 3:00 this morning, the group set out on snow mobiles and found the crash site. smith's wife says everybody died on impact. an approaching storm may delay recovery of the bodies. a look at downtown san francisco. it is dry, but that could change in a few hours. about time. >> it is about time. we could use a lot of rainfall. we will start with a little. that is what is coming to the bay area. high def doppler right now is dry. but we could be getting the first widespread rain in 34 days. it is already raining in the northwest and that rain is working its gay down to the south. timing it out with you in the future cast, sonoma county,
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lake county getting some rain stretching down to the south bay. lit at times for your saturday. we will talk about the other rain chances coming none a few minutes. >> we will see you then. thanks paul. take a look at this guy. he is behind a possible knockout attack. he is described as african american, early to mid 20s . slender build. a woman cold police she was sucker punched out of nowhere monday night at a strip mall on blossom hill road. they have plenty of witnesses but no surveillance video. it is eeriely similar to the wave of attacks sweeping the country and in some cases terning deadly. >> i'm looking around to see what is going toe happen. i have to be prepared for anything. >> you have to look around and be more cautious. who is coming near you and everything. >> and if you recognize that person in the sketch, police want to hear from you. a lot of friends came out to remember a 17-year-old girl
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tonight. christin ayers says she was killed in a car crash after a street race. >> reporter: twisted signs and shattered glass against a backdrop of lit candles. this is where katelyn beenson lost her life. >> we made a deal. if i don't go, you won't go. i didn't go. she was at work. she broke the rule. >> reporter: katelyn's boyfriend rickey ramos said he didn't want her out in this part of oakland. an area that has become notorious for drag racing. katelyn did not listen. she did not race, but she enjoyed the drag racing culture. >> that's the sport we love. >> reporter: it turned deadly around midnight when cops showed up and there was a mad dash to get out. another car clipped katelyn's and she crashed into a pole. katelyn died and a person with her was injured and though rickey says he won't stop
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racing, friends hope her death sends a serious message about street racing. >> look at her. she is such a pretty girl. >> i didn't know yesterday was going to be the last day i was going to see her. people need to think about that before they come out here. everything can change. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. san francisco police released this grainy video today hoping that it leads them to a suspect wanted in a hit and run on new year's eve. it is white dodge or possibly a ford van backing up on turk street. police say the driver ran over a pedestrian who had just been struck by another car. >> and police are looking for the suspects in a drive by shooting in concord. one woman is hurt with minor injuries. police are looking into whether the shooting is related to a fight that happened earlier in the day at mount diablo high school. the bay area's last livestock slaughterhouses the center of a major investigation
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tonight. authorities served a search warrant at the rancho house in petaluma. our andria borba was there. >> reporter: tonight it appears to be closed for the night after federal agents showed up on the property during the day. this is video of agents from the u.s. department of agriculture and the petaluma police department on the property before 5:00 this afternoon. very little is known about why boxes where being carried into cars. they confirm to kpix5 usda agents were serving a search agent on the bay area's last remaining slaughter house. while the warrant was served, the sonoma county beef control appeared to be up and operational. no one was talk ugh including employees. kpix5 went to the home of owner jesse and his wife. she claims she didn't know anything. >> do you know why your
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business was razeed by the usda? >> i don't know. >> reporter: this is not the first time this slaughter house has been in the news. what happened here on the property in petaluma will remain in question through the weekend. but the usda has told kpix5 will they will not answer our questions until monday. in petaluma, andria borba, kpix5. foster farms plans to reopen its livingston plant tomorrow after it was closed because of a cockroach infestation. the feds shut down the central valley plant wednesday. inspectorring found cockroaches in several parts of the plant over the last few months. foster farms says it has cleaned up the problems and no products were ever affected. two more flu related deaths were confirmed in the bay area today. that brings the total to 13 people who have died from flu complications. the h1n1 virus otherwise known
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as swine flu is considered widespread in california. most of the bay area victims are urn 65. the doctors don't know why the flu is hitting young people so hard. something about this strain making their bodies react for violently. our brian webb sews us the germs spread far and fast. >> reporter: the flu has spread by droplets by breathing, coughing, and sneezing and it can travel up to ten feet from the six person to you. a few bay area walgreens stores ran out of the vaccine because of high demand. chopper 5 captured the 49ers team getting on their plane. they arrived in charlotte tonight and will face the carolina panthers in the next round of the playoffs. it is good for us. good for all the bay area businesses and teams and just
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brings in great business. >> the 49ers get down to business and wind sunday, they will face the seahawks or the saints for the right to go to the superbowl. we want to see your fan photos, you 49er faithful. go to and click on my pix. only on kpix5, derailing a new danger. what we uncovered about the plan to bring the same oil that fueled these disastrous fires to the bay area. >> and first target, tonight, we are learning another big retailer was just hacked. and a suspected purse snapper caught on camera. what would you do if this were your son? how
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woman did. zed her >> would you turn in your own child for a crime? that is what one woman did. police say she recognized her son from surveillance photos of a robbery in santa cruz. in 17-year-old was saying with his father in san jose. so she drove up to the house and got him. she then made him turn himself in. some people we talk to say it is not an easy decision. >> it is what we live in as parents. do we help our child? how much help have we given them in the past? or do was help our society and our community? who needs help at that point? >> now investigators say the boy told them he did it because he was high on marijuana and
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stow the purse so he could get money to buy more. fear of fracking here in california used the be about the drill. now there is a new potential danger. only on kpix5. christin ayers discovered the same oil that fueled several disastrous fires is now coming to the bay area. >> reporter: a toxic cloud of smoke and flames in north carolina. a town in quebec leveled with 47 dead. train derailments with unusually powerful explosions are on the rise and they all have a common cargo. crude oil fracked from north dakota's shale field. >> that is all they are bringing in. >> reporter: kelly graham and her neighbor are fighting to keep the trains from rolling into the bay area. a company wants to reactivate
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an old oil storage terminal in the pown of pittsburgh. the plan is to bring the oil in and store it in huge tanks and transfer it to all five bay area refineries. >> 242,000-barrels a day. in and out. that is an incredible amount. >> reporter: an environmental report admits to significant and unavoidable risks line spills, accidents, greenhouse gas emissions. now we are learning about greater risks that the trains carrying crude from the oil fields are potentially explosive time bombs. federal investigators say the chemicals the oil contains from the fracking process makes it more flammable than heavy crude. >> transporting it in 100 tanker car trains is volatile and flammable and explosive. it is really dangerous business.
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>> reporter: diane bailey is with the defense council. she says the chemicals used for fracking is very toxic. >> benzine is associated with things like leukemia in children. >> reporter: we asked west pack's art about that. >> it is designed to be odorless and safe. >> there was a safety alert issued. how does that warning affect the environmental warning report? >> it has already been addressed. >> that particular alert? >> oh, well, um ... as i said, the environmental report already covers crude oils that include the quality of the crude oil. so it is not possible for that sort of thing to happen. >> reporter: but tell that to the residents of castleton
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north dakota and in the town in quebec. callie and susan are not buying it. >> we have this wonderful new marina district downtown. for them to bring a project like that so close to our home? no. >> we are be known as a town that stood up and didn't allow this to happen to begin with. >> reporter: in pittsburgh, christin ayers, kpix5. something is killing a lot of bay area birds. as many as 150 ducks in this redwood city bond have died. wildlife experts suspect they have avian cholera. it could be days before hundreds of thousands of people have safe drinking water in
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west virginia. chemicals from freedom industries plant in charleston has contaminated the elk river. people are filling up jugs, coolers, anything they can that will hold clean water. the only way to treat the contaminated water is to flush the system and that could take several days. the chemicals are not deadly, but they can make people sick. the plants have been ordered to drain their tanks and submit a clean up program. skiers on heavenly valley shared share slope with a bear. there he is running sideways. the photo was taken this morning by a reporter with the tahoe newspaper. there wasn't enough fresh powder to the bear moved on. and there is no truth he was headed for bear valley. >> he was headed for bear valley. >> which he calls home.
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>> big guy. all right, so some stuff is happening tomorrow. >> i didn't realize there were so many outdoor activities one could have in mid january. but for the first time in five weeks, you could need the umbrella. i don't know where mine is. here is what we have outside right now. we have mostly cloudy skies. sfo airport, it will be raining about lunchtime tomorrow. kpix5 high definition doppler is high right now. but you will need the umbrella tomorrow because we have rain moveing in and snow in the sierra. thank goodness for that. we need the snow. south lake tahoe, one to two inches of snow showers tomorrow. you will be in the mid 50s wednesday. so we have a big storm and we will just get the tail end of et. meteorologist 101. if you see a big comma shape, that is a wound up area of clouds and a front stretching down. we are only getting the tail end of that.
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but there is is a big storm in the pacific northwest. it will impact the seahawks game tomorrow. that ridge of high pressure is keeping most of that moisture, most of that wind, most of the rainfall away from us. we skip the tail end and get scatters showers coming up tomorrow. then the megaridge comes back in and we have seven to eight straight warm sunny dry days. if you want to get out, sunday will be your choice. this is the computer's prediction of how much rain everyone will get. only a few drips for concord and points south. it is going to be rather dry in the south bay. just a few showers for you. clouds already increasing. rain in the north bay before lunchtime. every else gets it around lunchtime. showers are out of here saturday evening. highs tomorrow kept down by the clouds. livermore 61. san jose 60. sunnyvale, 69.
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berkeley, san francisco, around 60. ukiah, 58 degrees. one of the wetter spots. look at this. sunshine across the board. upper 60s , record highs very likely next week. a lot of spots away from the water will hit 70 degrees. >> wow. >> you need a lot of rain, but we need to start somewhere. >> this is january right? >> i think. >> okay, just asking. >> acting a lot like april. >> all right, thank you. target shoppers are not the only ones whose credit card numbers ,,,,,,
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hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. target credit card breach iy
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worse than anyone thought.. another stor >> first we learned that target credit card breach is way worse than anyone thought. now another store has been hacked. >> neeman marcus is the latest victim of credit card hackers. thieves made off with customer information in mid december. but the company doesn't know yet how widespread the hack was. as for target, up to 70 million more customers may have been affected. that could be up to 110 million people. at first they said thieves got credit card numbers. now pin numbers, mailing addresses and phone numbers were also stolen. >> they will use the fact they have your name, your e-mail address, naturally, and maybe your home address and your phone number. so everything will look like it is legitimate and create that comfort zone for the people who receive it. there is going to be something within that e-mail that is the trap. a link, an attachment. or a request for further
2:03 am
information. >> experts say the best advice, keep an eye on all of your accounts and report anything suspicious. target is offering to pay for one year of credit monitoring service. all right, just a few hours away, you will be on a plane. >> pull an all-nighter? >> yes. >> first class. >> first class? >> yeah. right? >> you got me confused with somebody who has an office on this floor. all right, the 2003 rookie of the year is wearing orange and black for the giants. you saw what the doves did on the road. the road. at home tonight, they ,,,,,,,,,,
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to thsuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at it was a hero's welcome for warriors at >> nba up top. you could imagine after a six an one road trip, it was a hero's welcome for the warriors at home. 19,596 packed in for the night.
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steph curry, crowd pleasing. look at iguodala. a 19-3 run in the second half. curry, two ticks left. and got it. the celtics at the buzzer. wallace, oh, forget about it. warriors hang on 99-97. their 25th win of the year. the only thing that the 49er cans can knock steph curry for is his allegiance to his hometown team. he grew up in charlotte, north carolina. when asked by a report tore night to break down sunday's big game, his response, let's go panthers, that's my break down. number four stanford women in utah. the fast break first pass. amber with the layup. in the second, three-ball, 30
2:07 am
points, stanford rolled. down 10 with five minute to play in colorado. rigby with the game winner. they win over the buffs. one of the first to wear the flat rim cap. making a comeback to the big leagues. signed a minor league deal with the giants. he retired in 2012. imagine if he got his magic back. friday night top five. this thing with wrestlers, backing nfl teams is taking on a life of its own. hulk-o-mania starts us off. >> so what are you doing to do england patriots? victory after victory. >> number four, green took an elbow right to the choppers. the dentist had nine stitches for him.
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oh man. number three, tough to see in realtime, but rick nash for the rangers, falling down and he nails the shot. a perfect placement. number two, spot shadow bay area james han. double eagle albatross, two on the par five ninth. sony opened in hawaii. downny christian high school. the starting point guard on the varsity high school team. daughter of the head coach. and get this, her brother who is 16 is,,,,,,,,,,
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